Why will Mallorca continue to be an excellent destination for business travel?

Business tourism is as important as international trade. In fact, by the end of the 20th century business travel had become a significant industry. 

However, the demand for business travel accommodation has changed due to the pandemic. 

In this article we would like to talk about the importance of business tourism, particularly in Mallorca. We will go through the definition, types of business travel to an overview of the trends for the future.

What is a business trip? 

The World Tourism Organisation (OMT) defines tourism as "people traveling and staying in places other than their usual environment for less than a consecutive year for leisure, business or other purposes".

In this way, business tourism involves individual trips, by few people from a company or self-employed staff, in order to carry out a specific task at a destination, where conventions, congresses, trade fairs or exhibitions may take place. 

Below we will focus on business trips for one person or small groups visiting Mallorca to carry out a project or work for their company.   

Business trips to Mallorca

With a well-established sun and beach tourism, Mallorca started to boost business travel a few years ago. Indeed, business tourism was growing before the pandemic as a result of the construction of the Palma Conference Centre. 

Moreover, during this important process for the island, the interrelation between leisure and business tourism has played an important role. 

The so-called bleisure (business + leisure) has contributed to making Mallorca, with its natural beauty, beaches and constantly improving facilities, an attractive place for travellers who come to work in Mallorca. 

Why is business travel important?

We have already seen during the pandemic how useful technology is for many online meetings. But technology does not cover all needs for certain industries: there are journeys that managers or employees of a company have to make for several reasons: 

  • to increase their company's image,

  • to create alliances with other companies,

  • to acquire new clients, and

  • to carry out technical or educational tasks. 

Or, simply, freelancers who wish to work remotely and temporarily in a sun and beach destination such as Mallorca, as is the case of digital nomads. 

Next, we explain the different reasons why entrepreneurs or workers need to travel depending on the type of business trip. 

Types of business trips 

Business travel 

A salesperson is dedicated to offering his/her service or product for acceptance and sale in new markets. The company's income depends on this type of travel. 

Before undertaking such a trip, sales representatives study the distribution channels of their potential customers, review current contracts and survey the competition in the target area.

Executive trips

This type of trip is undertaken by company executives who need to strengthen face-to-face links with important suppliers, create new synergies with customers and companies in the same industry, gather the process of an important project and define facilities or new company structures. 

Internal meetings

The purpose of these trips is to make decisions to increase the company's performance. During the stay, there are board meetings or business meetings.

For these meetings, the coordination of the participants' attendance and the planning of appropriate accommodation, with a good location for each executive, is paramount. 

Events, congresses or trade fairs

Congresses and fairs, whose origin dates back to the Middle Age, when merchants used to stand at the entrance of city walls to offer their products, are still crucial today. 

The advantages are to gain market presence, to update oneself in a sector or to promote a new product or service. 

As we have already mentioned, the Palacio de Congresos de Palma began operating with great success and we believe that will continue with a busy schedule in the forthcoming years for corporate events in Mallorca. 

Technical trip


This type of trip is usually for executives or a group of senior managers, who travel to check the operation of existing or new facilities and improve a company's working methods. 

Incentive trip

The purpose of an incentive trip is to reward employees for a job well done and, thus, motivate them to continue meeting the company's goals. 

Therefore, as this trip is a gift, the destination must offer attractive activities, excursions to popular places and an appropriate infrastructure for relaxation and fun. 

As you can imagine, Mallorca is one of the favourite destinations for incentive trips due to its geography, culture and sports facilities.

Training trips

In the educational field, we can identify trips for the continuous training of certain employees, attending a conference or seminar in order to improve their professional skills. 

In addition, we include travel for teachers travelling to teach a technical subject in schools or universities.  

The duration of these trips usually varies from one day to several months. Besides, the location of the accommodation for this business trip is of great value, as it must be close to the training centre for the comfort and needs of the employee. 

Apart from this type of business travel, we would like to include staff travel required in high season for airport or hotel operations.  


In conclusion, we can say that Mallorca is an ideal destination for a business trip, whether individual or corporate, and that the island's drive to become a favourite destination for hosting events, trade fairs and congresses is likely to get on!

As Asun Prats, director of the event organising agency Mallorca Leads, says in her interview with Diario de Mallorca: 

 "The Balearic Islands have been standing out in recent years for hosting numerous events in general: inaugurations, product presentations, etc." 

"Nevertheless, there are many corporate event formats that have not been able to be adapted and it has become clear that presence at events is essential for many groups such as the healthcare sector", she explains further.

If your company or professional activity has plans to make a business trip to Mallorca, we suggest you choose a nearby accommodation with good transport or road connections, depending on your needs. 

We invite you to discover our accommodation for your business trip to Mallorca