The 5 best beaches for children in Mallorca

A shallow, sandy beach, surveillance, showers, easy access for carts, nearby restaurants and areas with shadows are some of the requirements to enjoy a day at the beach with children. That’s why, today from Smart Renting, we want to share with you the 5 beaches of Mallorca most suitable for your kids:

1.Playa d’Alcúdia                       

It is a beach of fine white sand of great size (7 km) that borders the entire bay of Alcúdia. This beach offers a wide range of leisure activit...

The most traditional pastries of Mallorca

The Mallorcan traditional pastry is known mainly for the ensaimada but inside the bakeries of the island you will find a wide variety of mouthwatering sweets. Here you have a list of the most traditional sweets of Mallorcan gastronomic culture:


This dessert is made from a sugar-shaped spiral paste made with flour, sugar, yeast, eggs and lard. After baking, it becomes a crunchy, golden and soft dough inside. Although the typical ones are the plain ones, they can also be fille...