5 things you should know about holiday rentals in Majorca

What do you need to know about holiday rentals in Majorca?

Many people decide to spend their holidays in a rented house or villa, as there are many advantages. You have your own space and your own timetable as you do not have to depend on a time schedule, you have your own kitchen and enough space to spend a vacation with family or friends in Mallorca. Renting a house gives the feeling of being in a private house during your stay, and what better than a swimming pool only for you? Enjoying your holidays in this Mediterranean jewel is, without doubt, the perfect destination for many tourists every year. Are you interested in renting your home as a holiday destination and don't know what you have to take into consideration? Here are the 5 things you should know:

  1. Properties advertised on digital platforms must have a valid holiday rental license. This applies to all properties of short duration, i.e. all those stays that do not exceed 1 month are considered holiday rentals as defined by the LAU.
  2. The type and age of the property also influences the holiday rental. In this case, apartments that are located in touristic and saturated areas, as for example the city of Palma, are under prohibition for this type of rental since the new tourist law came into effect on August 1st, 2017, but there are areas on the island that can obtain the license if they are not located in a saturated area. All those single-family homes that are considered independent and are at least 5 years old, can apply for the licence.
  3. Keep in mind that the property must have certain documents in order. A Certificate of Occupancy (Cédula de habitabilidad), a certificate issued by the municipality that testifies that the property is in a suitable area, as well as the energy certificate are essential in order to obtain a tourist licence. The requirements also highlight the need for one bathroom for every 4 beds, as well as individual water meters and a maximum of 6 bedrooms per property.
  4. It is important to keep track of changing tourism laws, especially the Law 6/2018 which has modified several rules in relation to tourism. It is anticipated that 20,000 guest beds will be allocated first, reaching a maximum of 30,000 in the next two years. This will mean that there will be a limit on holiday rentals on the island in the future, and this is the perfect time to apply. Another change is that vacancies have a price that varies according to the type of accommodation: single-family homes pay 3,500 euros per vacancy, multi-family homes pay 875 euros per vacancy.
  5. Did you know that home staging increases bookings? As in many other cases, the first impression is the decisive factor, which is why it is crucial to furnish and decorate the home by creating a welcoming and harmonic atmosphere. It is the perfect occasion to offer the most attractive image of the house, and therefore, leaving it in the hands of professionals is the best option.

There are many owners who have decided to rent out their property for financial benefit and flexibility as you decide during which dates the property is available, and here you can see some of them.