The most traditional pastries of Mallorca

The most traditional pastries of Mallorca

The Mallorcan traditional pastry is known mainly for the ensaimada but inside the bakeries of the island you will find a wide variety of mouthwatering sweets. Here you have a list of the most traditional sweets of Mallorcan gastronomic culture:


This dessert is made from a sugar-shaped spiral paste made with flour, sugar, yeast, eggs and lard. After baking, it becomes a crunchy, golden and soft dough inside. Although the typical ones are the plain ones, they can also be filled of spaghetti squash jam, cream, chocolate or apricot. One of the best places to eat ensaimada with hot chocolate or ice cream is Ca'n Joan de s'Aigo, a traditional cafeteria located in the centre of Palma.

Coca de patata

The main ingredients of this kind of biscuit is made with cooked potato and lard, which is normally covered in icing sugar. Its texture is very spongy, tender and light. This sponge cake is the most typical sweet of Valldemossa, so we recommend you to go any bakery in this town and enjoy a delicious snack in the Sierra de Tramuntana.


These half-moon sweet shaped are typical of Easter and may be filled with spaghetti squash jam or cottage cheese, among other ingredients. In addition, its dough is made with local products: sugar, oil, orange, egg and lard.


Crespells are cookies that are baked with different sizes, thicknesses and shapes (stars, hearts, circles, flowers, etc.). These sweets can be found throughout the year in any bakery, although it is typical for families to join in Easter to cook them. The pasta has the same ingredients as rubiols, in addition to lemon, and its shapes can be made with molds.

Gató d'ametlla

The main ingredient of this cake is the raw almond that must be ground for its preparation. In addition, it carries sugar, eggs, cinnamon powder, lemon and icing sugar. The secret of this sweet is based on the quality of its products. In addition, it is the ideal accompaniment to almond or hazelnut ice cream.