The most traditional festivals in Mallorca

Majorca offers everything that could be described as paradise. Beautiful beaches, secluded bays and eternal sunny days... We could continue the list endlessly. But this time we would like to tell you about the traditional festivals in Mallorca.

There are many celebrations in Majorca and all year round there are countless traditional and modern festivals. Origin and history as well as ancient customs and rituals are cultivated and cherished. In addition to the well-known festivals such as Easter and Christmas, over 100 traditional festivals are celebrated in honour of the patron saints or the individual villages.

Holy Three Kings

The Epiphany (Cavalcada dels Reis Mags) is celebrated the 5th of january in many places on the island and is traditionally the last highlight of the Christmas season. The largest procession takes place in Palma, where the Three Wise Men moor their ship in the Old Pier. The spectacle begins with a magnificent fireworks display greeting the Wise Men from the Orient. Afterwards a procession takes place with fairytale decorated floats.

Revetlla y beneides de Sant Antoni

The evening of Sant Antoni Abat (Revetlla y beneides de Sant Antoni) the 16th of January is undoubtedly a deeply rooted and vibrant celebration. Especially in Palma and Sa Pobla, the Correfoc (firewalk) of the demons becomes a special spectacle. For centuries the traditional feast of Anthony has been celebrated, in which the devils (Dimoni) try to tempt Saint Anthony. The first feast is said to have taken place in 1365 and is one of the oldest on the island of Mallorca.


On Easter Monday, Mallorcans traditionally pilgrimage to chapels to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. On the spot, filled dumplings (empanadas) are shared and the bread is blessed (pancaritat).  

El Firó de Sóller

The historical battle of 1561 between the Christians and the Moors is commemorated in the annual festival "el Firó", which is staged in Sóller every year the 11th of may. The victory of the Christians over the corsairs is celebrated by thousands of people with  traditional costumes, wine, music, dance and fireworks.

Nit de Sant Juan

In the legendary St. John's Night (Nit de Sant Joan), all old and bad things are said goodbye according to an originally pagan tradition and the summer is welcomed. Everywhere on the beaches campfires are made, grilled and bathed in the sea at midnight.

Celebrate it!