Majorca's best dishes that you should definitely try!

Mallorca not only offers a paradisiacal atmosphere, beautiful coves, tradition and art, but also a tasty gastronomic offer with a wide variety of traditional recipes. Mallorcan cuisine is simple yet delicious. The dishes have a Mediterranean character and consist of local ingredients. Mallorcans love good food, especially in the company of family or friends.


Are you ready to indulge in these delicacies? Have your cutlery ready...

Sopa mallorquina

The "sopa mallorquina" (Majorcan soup) is a very typical dish and belongs to the traditional cuisine. The soup has its origin in the mallorquin villages, where everything that was harvested in the garden was put into the pot. The main ingredients are vegetables and bread. Sopa mallorquina is usually eaten from winter to spring and is served as a first course.


Frito mallorquin

Frito mallorquin is one of the oldest dishes on the island and was already cooked in the 14th century.

The dish is a meat (pork or lamb) roasted in olive oil with potatoes, liver, onions, peppers, peas, fennel and garlic. Depending on the season, it can be prepared with different types of vegetables.

El Tumbet

Tumbet is another very traditional dish in Mallorcan cuisine. It is prepared with seasonal vegetables and is therefore an ideal dish for vegetarians. Tumbet is made with fried eggplants, courgettes, potatoes and peppers and a tomato sauce. It is also excellent as a side dish with fish and meat.

Arrós Brut

Arrós Brut (dirty rice) is also an essential ingredient in the traditional Mallorcan cuisine. Don't let the name unsettle you, because Arrós Brut is a real treat. The name comes from the dark colour of the rice, which is due to the ingredients. The dish consists of sobrasada, various meats, butifarrón, vegetables and mushrooms.


Coca de Trampó

Coca de Trampó is another speciality of the original Mallorcan gastronomy. This delicacy can also be found in the south of Catalonia and in the region of Valencia. It is a kind of pizza with vegetables (tomatoes, peppers and onions). In Mallorca the typical dough of the Coca de Trampó is made from flour, eggs, water, butter, oil and salt. The topping consists of red and green peppers, tomatoes and onions.

Caracoles a la mallorquina

There is no dish with a stronger tradition than Mallorcan snails. This exquisite delicacy has a great seafaring tradition. The snails are served in their shell with a tasty broth containing parsley, garlic, fennel, mint and chilli. It is often served with "all i oli".


Escaldums is a typical Majorcan stew, which is eaten mainly at Christmas. The stew consists of poultry, potatoes, almonds and a rich sauce. This dish is very easy to cook and is an absolute delicacy in Mallorcan cuisine.

The rustic Pa amb oli

The origins of Pa amb oli (bread with oil) date back to the 18th century. A Mallorcan monk first documented it as a recipe. Pa amb oli consists of the traditional Mallorcan bread, virgin olive oil and ripe tomatoes. Cheese, ham or cold cuts can also be served according to taste. It is as simple as it is delicious and can be taken as breakfast, lunch or snack.

There are still many traditional dishes, but now let us introduce the Mallorcan desserts. Local ingredients are also used for the desserts.

The unbeaten star and probably the most famous dessert is without doubt the ensaimada! In Mallorca, the yeast snail has been baked since the 15th century and is available with different fillings. The basic ingredients are lard, starch, eggs, sugar and yeast.

Another top product is the almond cake Gató d' almendra. This delicious cake consists only of grated almonds, eggs and sugar.

 Would you like to try these delicacies? In Mallorca you will find a wide range of delicious dishes that goes far beyond tapas and paella.