Home Staging or how to sell or rent your house in record time

Let me guess. You have put your house in all the real estate portals that you know, you have tried to make different photos, you have uploaded it in social networks ... and nothing, zero results!

Your house needs a facelift, you know, but you do not know where to start, nor do you want to waste any more time, nor more money! You have the diagnosis, but perhaps you do not know the name of the solution: you need a home staging service.

What is home staging?

The techniques of home staging are techniques of real estate marketing that will help make your house look impressive, irresistible. Any house has the potential to inspire, to like, to sell. Just get it out!

The home staging service of Smart Renting Mallorca is made up of specialists in the real estate market of Mallorca and they understand the needs that the clients have at the present time and they will advise to him to be able to offer the most attractive image of your property to buyers or prospective renters.

We must not forget that buying or renting a house involves a lot of emotions. When a potential client should be able to imagine cooking, reading, kids running around the house or even sleeping on the couch. Therefore, the house must be shown, both in the photos, and live, unpolluted, spacious and cozy, appealing and attractive.

He thinks that it is complicated to imagine living in a house full of memories, photos and many decorative elements that can (or do not) go with your lifestyle. The home staging service tries to depersonalize, but to get an atmosphere attractive enough to encourage the purchase or rent.

Home staging is not only hiding the photos, it goes much further. They will give a new style to your house, a neutral style that decongests the space, in order to sell it as soon as possible and even revalue it in the market.

How much does the Home Staging service cost?

It depends. It is complicated to specify and will always depend on the size and condition of the property. What we assure you are results: the sale or rental of your property in a record time.

To achieve the best results applying the Home Staging may require labor intervention. But do not be scared, we mean a paint job, install some new spots of light or change some faucet.

Normally, home staging is based on reusing the furniture, rearranging them to achieve a harmonic and neutral space. Getting rid of the superfluous, avoiding distractions and that the imagination of potential new tenants can fly free and see themselves making life there.

Does the Home Staging service work?

There is nothing certain in this life, but it is estimated that the success of the sale increases 200% after entrusting the house to an expert in home staging.

In the real estate market, as in any other sector, the experience is a degree and home stagers are real estate professionals who see dozens of homes a month and know if a home will work with barely opening the door.

Lastly, it should not be forgotten that most of the users start the search online, so some good photos are IMPRESCINDIBLES.

The presentation for any product is important, if you want to sell or rent your house should not be less. House better presented and with market prices, more potential customers and possibility of sale or rent (almost) insured. Are you aiming to try home staging?