5 tips to increase your holiday rental bookings in Mallorca

Summer is over and it seems that the island is becoming a bit emptier. However, year after year the, high season in Mallorca lasts even during the months after the summer holidays. Even so, the holiday sector on the island is one of the most competitive, as it offers a wide variety of stays in different locations of the island. Therefore, we have prepared a list of tips to increase your holiday rental bookings in Mallorca.

A list of 5 tips that will help you to add value to your property services and attract more people. Key to draw new customers and increase your bookings! 

1. Take care of your online image.

Your online image is a great opportunity to get the attention of the potential customers. Update the photos of your accommodation. Sell a great experience in Mallorca with beautiful images and also provides creative texts for the advertisements. Also, it is important to receive several opinions and comments from the guests about the housing. A personal and agile communication with the customers will increase the feeling of trust in your guests.

2. Adjust the price and provide offers

To adjust the price of your home, consider three main factors: location, existing offer and season, dynamic prices give better results. If your goal is to fill the calendar as quickly as possible, you can also publish offers as two nights for the price of one on low demand dates. This way your home will never be empty!

3. Promote leisure offers of your area

Find reasons to attract guests to your area and convey the charms offered by the area where your home is located. You can suggest a guide of activities, alternatives and plans that can be carried out near your area at each time of the year. Use social networks or email campaigns to attract the curiosity of new customers.

4. Prepare a welcome pack

Give a pleasant and warm welcome to your guests. For this, we recommend you prepare a welcome pack with some food, extra things and free tools that they can enjoy during their stay. This small detail can include a map of the city, a tourist guide ... The good treatment of your customers will be essential so that they later positively evaluate their experience and, thus, attract other people.

5. Convert your home

Convert your home to the seasons of the year where you want to capture the interest of new guests. To do this, you must take advantage of the details and possibilities of your stay: decoration, equipment...

And that's it! To maximise even more your home at any time of the year without having to worry about anything, contact the Smart Renting team so that you can increase your home bookings.