The 5 advantages of renting a holiday home in Mallorca

Why renting a holiday home for your trip on Mallorca is the best option

Holidays are probably the most expected days of the year. It's time to stay with your family or friends, get out and disconnect from routine and spend quality time together. And what better way to spend that time in accommodation that makes you feel at home? Years ago, booking a hotel seemed to be the only option to enjoy your holidays in Mallorca, but nowadays the alternatives have been growing. According to some studies in the sector, holiday rentals have increased by almost 25% this past year, and the reasons and advantages are obvious.

        1. Space for all

If you decide to spend your holidays in a rented house, you can have your own room without sacrificing space. Best of all, you'll be able to share common spaces with your family or friends. Another advantage of having your own space is that most vacation homes have a large kitchen, which will be open all day. You'll be able to cook and you won't have to go out to eat every day, so you'll be able to control your expenses, your schedule, and also your diet. And what better than cooking in good company and creating unique moments?

       2. Comfort and flexibility 

If you travel with children it is important to be able to follow the family's habits, and renting a house will not establish time bands, which gives you more flexibility and comfort for everyone. Mallorca has a wide range of properties, which will allow you to find the perfect accommodation for your holidays. You can choose the number of bedrooms and beds, the distance to the beach, and even if you want a house with swimming pool to enjoy the summer on the island. Here you will be able to see all our offer of properties on the island that will offer everything you need to enjoy an incredible holiday.

       3. Travelling with less luggage 

We admit it: whenever we go on a trip, we fill the suitcase with much more than necessary. Many times we decide to take extra clothes for lack of washing machine, and even bathroom utensils such as hair dryers. Many of the holiday homes have washing machines, so that you can wash your clothes when you need to, and even with bathroom utensils, so you will have more space for the gifts you will bring from Mallorca!

      4. The price

If you decide to travel with a group of friends or family to the island in the middle of the season, you will be interested in saving as much as you can. As it is a joint house, you can share the costs with your family or friends or even find a holiday home that suits your budget. Choosing a house with an equipped kitchen will also benefit you in economic terms, as you will be able to prepare food at home when and how you want.

     5. An unforgettable experience 

 Staying in a rented house near tourist areas or the beaches of Mallorca, will allow you to enjoy the activities offered by the island, and at the same time live among the neighbors of the village which will make you feel less tourist and more traveler. You will be able to discover the local dishes, small local shops with charm and enjoy the traditions of the locality.