Why should you assign the rental of your Mallorca property to an agency?

According to a study carried out by the Balearic University in 2019, 48% of the inhabitants of Mallorca are in favor of holiday rentals. Around 70% agree that holiday rentals serve as an economic engine for the island.

Mallorca has been considered a tourist destination for years and every year numerous holidaymakers visit the island. Many travelers are concerned with the question of suitable accommodation! The trend to rent a holiday property on Mallorca has increased significantly in recent years and continues to do so. The privacy and flexibility are the main reasons why many holidaymakers decide to rent a holiday property, but also in direct comparison with hotels, holiday properties often come off cheaper.

The holiday rental of a property in Mallorca brings advantages for the owners such as

  • Generation of additional income
  • The property does not stand empty for a long time
  • The rental income can be used to pay the maintenance, ancillary costs or the payment of the mortgage
  • The property is no longer a cost factor
  • As an owner, you take a lower risk than with a
  • Long term rental
  • Less damage as guests are only in the property for a limited time
  • No loss of rent, as the rent for holiday properties is paid in advance

For owners, however, the question arises: Should one carry out the letting on one's own or hire an experienced agency?

Due to the high expenditure of time it is not worthwhile doing the rental on one's own. Because the tasks range from placing advertisements, processing rental enquiries, handling booking and payment procedures to handing over the keys, organizing all necessary matters and finally managing complaints locally. That is why more and more owners are deciding to hand over their property to a professional agency.

In Mallorca there are many agencies that are specialized in holiday rentals. Nevertheless, make sure that you hire a serious agency to rent out your property. A serious and professional agency will satisfy both the holiday guests and you as the owner. Small agencies in particular can hold their own against the big ones through personalized service, performance and quality.

Why should you hire an agency?

  • A professional agency will do all the work for you
  • Your interests are represented by the agency
  • Your property is guarded and regularly checked by the agency
  • Personal guest care from booking to departure
  • Professional marketing ensures the best possible occupancy rate and thus higher revenues
  • Carefree rental

Do you own a property in Mallorca that you would like to rent out?

Smart Renting Mallorca as a full service agency, will help you from the presentation of your property to the final cleaning.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Together we will review the marketing strategy of your holiday property.