Why is Majorca so popular?

The number sounds untrue: over 11 million holidaymakers visit Majorca every year. In the summer months of 2019 the occupancy rate of hotel beds was 90.3% and the occupancy rate of holiday apartments 80.6%.

In 2019, Majorca ended the year with a total of 217.218 flight movements, ranking third after Madrid and Barcelona, and in August 2019 a total of 4.3 million passengers used Palma's Airport Son San Juan. This record month went down in the history of the airport.

But Majorca is not only very popular for tourists. According to the national statistics institute INE, the number of inhabitants has also increased more than in other Spanish autonomous regions. On 01.01.2019, approximately 1.2 million inhabitants were recorded. This is almost 2% more than in 2018.

Majorca is booming more than ever! But what is it that attracts so many people to the island?

Mediterranean climate:


An important motive for vacationers and residents are the climatic conditions. Majorca has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, humid winters. Seen on one year, there is comparatively little precipitation (453 mm) which is concentrated on a few days. The average temperatures are between 16 and 18°C. In the summer months the maximum temperatures reach up to 41°C. The winter low temperatures can drop from 9°C to 5°C at night. Majorca offers an average of 300 sunny days per year! 

Good accessibility:

Another key factor is the good accessibility of the Airport Son San Juan. Majorca can be reached from all European metropolises within one to a maximum of three hours by plane. Due to the short flight time even weekend short trips are worthwhile.

Another convenient way to reach the island is by sea. At the ports of Port de Palma and Port d' Alcudia a total of 23 ferry crossings are offered. 


With an area of 3640 km² Majorca is relatively manageable. The island has a maximum east-west extension of 98 km and a north-south extension of 78 km.

The island offers a very modern infrastructure with a well developed road and traffic network.

State hospitals and private clinics have long since met international standards and even offer a translation service for their foreign patients.

Families with school-age children can choose between international and national schools.

Landscape diversity:


Majorca's landscape offers a great variety in a very small area. The island is characterised by mountains, sea and a unique flora and fauna.

The Balearic Island offers a total of 207 idyllic beaches. 63 of them even have disabled access. The fantastic beaches are undoubtedly also a reason for Majorca's popularity.

The 90 km long mountain range "Serra de Tramuntana" stretches from the southwest to the northwest and was declared World Heritage Site by Unesco in 2011 in the category "cultural landscape". Eleven peaks tower 1000 metres above sea level. The highest is the Puig Major at 1445 metres. Majorca's species-rich and partly untouched nature should not be ignored either. Numerous nature parks such as S' Albufera, Sa Dragonera, Montragó Nature Park, Reserva de Puig de Galatzó or Cabrera offer a unique natural idyll.

Leisure and sports activities

On Majorca you always discover something new!

There are few destinations that offer such a wide range of leisure activities for so many different target groups. There is something for every taste and every age group!

  • - 24 golf courses
  • - 20 marinas
  • - Countless amusement parks
  • - International Tennis Schools
  • - Water sports activities of all kinds
  • - Hiking trails of all degrees of difficulty
  • - Cycling routes as they could not be better

We could continue the list endlessly, because Majorca leaves absolutely nothing to be desired and the offer is hard to top!

Culture and art enthusiasts are not missing out either. From the prehistoric Talaiot culture to the museum of modern and contemporary art, everything is represented. Majorca has far more sights, museums and historical destinations to offer than you would expect from an island.


The multi-faceted nightlife on Majorca promises unforgettable moments. The island offers 5,746 bars, 3,849 restaurants and numerous discos and clubs.  With this selection, evening entertainment is guaranteed!