Why hire a professional to manage your rent?

If you have a second home or an empty house and you are thinking of renting it, surely the vacation rental has already crossed your mind.

The vacation rental market has grown exponentially in recent years. Go on holiday and stay in a flat that makes you feel at home, without the restrictions of a hotel, and know first hand how the inhabitants of the cities that visit you have been gaining fans year after year.

The business is there, but let's not fool ourselves into renting a home through vacation rentals. Busy.

Take photos, upload them to different real estate portals, manage the requests, collections, cleaning ... The list is long, so many who end up leaning back because they can not see or do not have enough time to perform all these efforts.

What is the management of holiday rentals?

You can manage your accommodation on your own. It is clear. But hiring the management of holiday rental of your home can become the best alternative to monetize it.

As we mentioned before, the management of the rental of a tourist apartment entails infinitude of tasks and of the most farragosas.

The rental management service of Smart Renting Mallorca is responsible for the following tasks:

- Cleaning of the house: in the tourist sector cleaning is one of the most important values, and in the holiday rental is even more important. If there is something that users are looking for when looking for accommodation for their vacation, it is the assessment of cleanliness that other users have made.

You have to be aware that when people go on holiday they do not feel like spending the day cleaning, so a thorough cleaning between guest and guest will always be necessary. Thanks to this service, your cleaning valuations will be unbeatable and will undoubtedly increase the requests for holiday accommodation.

- Replacement of towels and sheets: if there is something we like about hotels, we find clean sheets and soft towels. If you have a hotel, your house too. Your guests will always have an unbeatable first impression.

- Check in / Check out of guests: Mallorca in summer is a comings and goings of planes and boats at all hours of the day! We take care of receiving the guests at each visit and provide all the information necessary to have the vacation of a lifetime. And when the time comes for your departure, we will check that the accommodation has been in perfect condition.

- Advice to the guest 24 hours: If you have ever gone on vacation and you have rented a flat, surely you value very positively the possibility of communicating with the owner at any time. We handle any incident or request for information from the tenant to book the reservation until leaving the accommodation.

- Everything you can think of: At Smart Renting Mallorca we know that each home is different and different needs may arise for other users. No problem! We have created an "à la carte service", a completely personalized service to adapt to your needs and those of your guests.

As you see the management of a vacation rental by professionals gives you TIME and SECURITY. A safe value to get the maximum return on your property.