The benefits of staging your home for rentals

The benefits of staging your home for rentals

"Put the house in scene", this is what home staging does.  A small investment is enough: repair some flaws in the house, adequately enlighten the house and add a touch of personality to your home to enhance its features and make new owners fall in love with the property as soon as they enter it. Our challenge: to present it as best as possible for its commercialization in the market, and of course, to market it at the best price as soon as possible. If you like what you're hearing, keep reading.

"Home staging can speed up the rental process up to 4 times faster.”

Sounds wonderful, don't you think? You want to make the most of your property? Here we explain to you why you should leave home staging in professional hands so that they can help you in renting your property in Mallorca.

The first impression

A picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to renting your home, first impressions are key. Making the bed, empty the bins and even picking up the living room are small things that make a difference and will make those interested feel like at home immediately. Like everyone else, you want to make a good impression and take advantage to show your property as best as possible, for that reason, decoration is key.


There's no doubt that it is always about the details, especially when it comes to homes. A well-decorated house greatly improves the first impression compared to an empty, unfurnished house. The cushions on the bed, the flowers on the bedside table and even the design of the lamps in the dining room will all add value to your home. Decorating it with a lot of care is the key!

Reduce costs

It's simple: the less time it is on the market, the less expenses you'll have. If you present the house in good condition and in a way that is attractive to potential tenants, you will automatically reduce the commercialisation period and at the same time the costs of the property.  Also keep in mind that the small details, as well as the furniture of the house, can help add value to the property, and you can get a good price for your house.

These are some of the many advantages of doing home staging with a specialised company in Mallorca. If you have a house on the market and you want to maximise its potential, you can rely on Smart Renting. What are you waiting for?