The 5 benefits of putting your house for holiday rental

The 5 benefits of putting your house for holiday rental

Over the last few years, holiday rentals in Mallorca have spread all over the island, making it an affordable and comfortable alternative for guests to enjoy their holidays. But there are also many owners who have decided to offer their home during the peak season, and thus take advantage of tourism and also benefit from it.  Here you will find the advantages and reasons why it is better to offer holiday rentals rather than traditional rentals.

High profitability 

It is one of the main reasons why the owner of the holiday home decides to rent it out: the economic factor. It will not only help you to finance, for example, a mortgage, but also to invest the income in other projects such as the reform of your house, as well as to cover the fixed costs of the property. It should also be noted that the income from vacation rent, are much higher than a long-term rent, always bearing in mind that you have to rent the housing a minimum of nights each month to make it profitable.

Guest selection

Your house, you choice: simple as that. You can make a guest selection based on age, whether they travel with family or a group of friends, or even whether they will travel with pets.  You'll have the opportunity to learn a little more about the person who wants to stay in your property, allowing you to decide if they meet your requirements. If you decide that they do not meet the conditions there is no problem, you can reject the application and continue offering the accommodation until you find someone who meets your criteria.

Flexibility to use your home 

There is nothing better than having a place where you can unwind and escape for a few days or even a week, and putting your house on short term rental will allow you to continue enjoying those moments.  It is one of the biggest advantages, because you can spend as many days as you want, and when you want, simply blocking the days you want to be there, so it will not be possible for other users to book your accommodation during those periods. You will be able to decide when and how to rent your property.

Secure payment 

There is a possibility among owners that they may suffer from non-payment of traditional rentals, but with holiday rentals you do not run any risk of non-payment. By offering your property in a holiday rental agency such as Smart Renting, you will always receive payment in a completely safe way.

Home maintenance

This type of rental will allow you to control and improve the maintenance of the house, as you review and check the facilities, furniture and even electricity each time new guests come. When it comes to a house that is usually empty and barely occupied, the probabilities that the appliances or installations will be damaged due to being unused for so long are much higher compared to those houses that are regularly occupied.